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Tramadol can be suggested to deal with chronic pain. However, there are a few other usages for this medication that your physician will recognize. Tramadol is not planned for anybody more youthful than 18. Ensure you constantly tell your physician if you think tramadol is not working properly for you and your pain does not vanish, yet never ever readjust the dose on your own. Seizures might be a significant but unusual negative side effects of taking tramadol that often developed in people with a variety of risk factors, such as a history of drug or alcoholism, some seizure condition, metabolic disorder, head trauma or those taking medications for nausea and vomiting, antidepressants or muscular tissue relaxers. You will need to report any sort of cases of seizures right away to your health and wellness treatment supplier. However you will getting just a few mild side impacts, such as flushing, drowsiness, throwing up, lightheadedness, reduction of appetite, queasiness, constipation, rest problems, weakness, and a number of other ones that could differ from individual to individual. If you believe tramadol is not working right for you, speak to your health care carrier, however never effort to alter the dose yourself - as this might create an overdose and other troubles.